About Lakehouse Farms

Lakehouse Farms is situated on a breathtaking 400 acre estate in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. We grow and harvest over 30 varieties of vegetables and fruits, including Korean hot peppers, wild mountain garlic, wild bellflower root, wild mug-wort, wild chives, wild shepherd’s purse, cucumbers, zucchini, watermelons, Korean melons, apples and peaches.  We also tap maple water.

About Hwang Family

The farm is owned and managed by three Korean-American siblings, Helen, Wendy and Joon Hwang. They grew up in a small farm village, called Chun-Chun-Lee in Kyung-Ki Providence of South Korea. They immigrated to the United States with their parents, James and Hyang in 1989. With only $800 in their pockets, they moved to West New York, NJ.

All three siblings are industry leaders in the New York City commercial real estate world. Helen is the Head of NY Investment Sales team at Meridian Capital Group. Wendy is the Head of NY Residential Valuation and Consulting division of Newmark Knight Frank. Joon is a partner at Highwater Capital, a commercial development firm focused in NY metro.

Their story is a true American Dream.

Vision – Good Food for Everyone

At Lakehouse Farms, we believe everyone deserves to eat the best, healthiest and cleanest food that nature has to offer. 

We grow fruits and vegetables by employing an adaptive natural farming system – no pesticides or herbicides, with minimal weeding, pruning and watering. Our crops fight nature’s harsh environments and become stronger, denser and healthier, naturally.  We bring nature’s miracles directly to you, bypassing the retailers, providing the best all-natural foods at affordable prices.

Gochugaru – Pepper Flakes

Lakehouse Farms / Bloomsburg, PA